Peterborough Tent and Event Rentals

Peterborough County, Kawartha Lakes and Northumberland

Tent and Event Rentals can do it all. We have everything in one stop, a huge selection of tent configurations that can be customised to almost any property size.  We have done over 1000 events in the last three seasons and when it comes to your event if you want  experience and attention to detail, ask us for a quote today.  To have a look at our tent layout please click HERE

                                                                                                                                                                                            Tent pricing  and most common sizes starting at

      10 Wide Frame Tents

10x10 (100sqft)              $195

10x20 (200sqft)              $295

10x30 (300sqft)                $395

15 Wide Tents

15x15 Frame Tent $295

15x15 Pole Tent (r&w) $295


20x20  (400sq)        $395.00

20x40  (800sq)         $695.00

20x60  (1200sq)       $895.00

       30 Wide Frame

30x30 (900sq)         $895.00

30x45 (1350sq)      $1095.00

30x60 (1800sq)      $1295.00

30x75 (2400sq)      $1595.00

Hexagon35x40 and Configurations

35x40 (1040sq)       $895.00

Hex Double (2080sq)  $1595.00

Hex Triple (3120 sq) 2495.00

Hex 20-20 (1840sq) $1495.00

       40 Wide Pole

40x40 (1600sq) $1495.00

40x60 (2400sq)   $1895.00

40x80 (3200sq)   $2295.00

40x100 (4000sq)  $2795.00

60' Wide Twin High Peak Pole Tents

60x40 (2400sq) $1995.00

60x60 (3600sq) $2595.00

60x80 (4800sq) $3495.00

Solid walls are $0.50 per foot

Window walls are $1.00 per foot

Peterborough Tent and Events is always willing  to look at competitors quotes, in most cases if the competitor comes  lower we will match or beat their pricing, as we strive to stay competitive in today's market, we might not always have the lowest price but we always will be the best choice in terms of quality and reliability. 

Package pricing Bulk prices and different tent configurations are available please contact us.

Please note a delivery and pick-up charge will be added after a site visit is completed