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Peterborough Tent and Event Rentals

Peterborough Tent and Event Rental Waiver


Client must provide Peterborough Tent and Event Rentals with final numbers no later than 30 days (*1 Please note below) prior to event which at time (*4 final full payment is due). If your numbers have changed please provide us with those final changes ( we do understand that numbers do change, so we do allow a onetime change of your original booked quantity of items at a maximum of 15% drop in numbers without penalty, any numbers below the 15% drop in original number/quantity will result in a loss of deposit on those items, or a restocking fee whichever number is higher) If your numbers are going to drastically change please let us know 90 days prior to your invoice date (*2 please note below) to avoid any additional charges. After we have confirmed your final numbers, your final invoice will be updated, and final payment is due. (*4 final full payment is due) no later than 30 days prior to your event. No changes can be made after this time.

(*1 note weddings or events that were pushed off to the next year from 2020 to 2021/2022 are required to have a minimum of 50% of your total rentals paid no later then 90 days prior to your event) (*2 this does not apply to wedding or events that were moved from 2020 to 2021)

(*3 note, Due to covid-19 still being an issue we have no problem moving your event to 2022 with out any penalties as long as we have a minimum of 60 days notice, if you have already moved from 2020 we will require a minimum of 90 days notice, also we will require that any wedding or event that moves from 2021 to 2022 are required to bring their initial non-refundable deposit to 50% deposit, so another 20% deposit to bring your total payments to 50% of your total rentals)

(*4 please note that all deposit and payments are non-refundable)


Typically Tents are set up Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays (weather pending) and some times on Fridays, for standard deliveries (no tents) they are done in the mornings or evening during the weekdays (Not Friday evenings), Most deliveries are determined one week prior the client’s event(s) and determined with weather conditions in mind, as tent set ups will only be done with proper and safe conditions. Peterborough Tent requires a 3 day Window to set up any tent(s) now in certain cases we can try to set a specific time, but you must understand that if this is the day of or the day before your event and unsafe conditions arise or bad weather rolls in your tent will NOT be set up and no refund will be credited back. (this is the reason why we ask for a 3-day window for set up.)

Please be sure your site is ready and accessible (i.e. lawns mowed, vehicles out of the way, etc.) before our delivery staff arrive. Clients will be responsible for all Permits (if required) and all locates to be performed no later than one week prior to your event and/or have the property owner present the day of delivery and inform Peterborough Tent and Event Rentals of the existence of any underground utilities (ie: phone or gas, septic system, artesian well, sprinkler systems, etc.) Please understand that tents must be staked/anchored down for safety proposes. Stakes and/or anchor equipment range from 24” spikes to 42” spikes. If locates are not done prior to the delivery date of your tent the client/property owners must assume all responsibility for all damage to underground services and could result in the tent being unable to go up at the tent rentals staff discretion.


A delivery/pick-up charge is added to all orders and is only to the (5* main level of where the delivery truck can park). All delivery/pick-up fees are based on time of year, location, (*5 accessibility) and can change due to current inflation from the time of quote or booking, please understand the delivery prices are based on Staff wages for travel time to and from, current gas prices and property accessibility . All deliveries and pick-ups must have access for our truck and trailers. If the delivery driver feels that they cannot access the delivery/pick up location with the safety of our staff and equipment in mind, our driver will determine a safe and adequate drop off location. (if this happens, this could result in additional charges).

Additional delivery/pick up charges will occur if there is excessive distance for loading and unloading rental items to our trucks and trailers as well as items that are not properly packed up (ie: chairs stacked, dishes in proper crates, etc.), delivery fees quoted may change after delivery if a site inspection was not completed and any of the above conditions occur. All items will be delivered and picked up at a designated location. The client should always count all items upon delivery and if the numbers are not correct then Peterborough tent and Event Rentals will need to know immediately (so we can correct it) otherwise the counts will be considered accurate. Please be sure all equipment is in a secure location at all times when not in use and well protected from weather.

Peterborough tent staff sets up the Tent, dance floor and all other items will just be dropped off at a proper safe dry location usually under the tent on the dance floor. unless otherwise stated on the invoice.​

*5 all deliveries are to a main level only( same level as our delivery trucks) if stairs, indoor delivery, up or down hill or long distances the delivery staff may refuse further delivery and will delivery to the location of where their delivery vehicle is located, if the staff agrees that the delivery location can be used safely then additional charge may be apply. All rental items must be back at the same location of the original drop-off and be in the same condition as delivered. (packed the same way as delivered) if not an additional charge will be applied


The tent and rentals items must be ready for pick up no later then 11:00 am the day after your event, Please keep in mind that if it is raining or bad weather Peterborough Tent and Event Rentals requires a dry day for the tent to be set up or taken down, for this reason we require a 3 day window for delivery and take down. In most cases if we do have rain or windy conditions our staff will still come and pick up any or all the other rentals.


All floral arrangements, trash, decorations or any items that are not property of Peterborough Tent and Event rentals should be removed from tent before pick-up. Please note that any walls that were taken down/removed be put back up. All chairs and tables should be stacked as delivered.

ALL Dishes, glasses, and flatware must be well rinsed of food and particle-free. All dishes, glassware, flatware, and catering rentals should be returned in their proper rack(s) and/or container(s) and placed at a single location for pickup (ie: knives, forks, and spoons, Etc. were delivered in individual cutlery containers and should be shipped back into their own individual containers, (please separate them) Please make sure your caterers understand this, as this will result in an additional cleaning charge. Linens must be dry when removed and placed in clear bags or the linen bags provided. ALL linens must be shaken of all food, garbage, and any other particles before being placed into bags DRY. Linens that are returned damp, burns marks, holes, tears, or permanent stains will be billed at replacement cost.​


(a) The site is not ready or accessible when the crew arrives

(b) The tent and rented equipment is not ready for prearranged pickup

(c) Delivery or pickup is from any location other than ground level (upstairs or downstairs)

(d) All chairs and tables are not stacked as delivered and/or are excessively dirty

(e) Food service items are not rinsed food-free

(f) All catering items (ie: dishware, cutlery etc.) are not put back in the same containers they were delivered in and can not be stacked properly.

(g) Site requires custom tent installations (i.e. on asphalt, decks, permanent obstructions, water barrels, etc.)

(h) Any items are lost or damaged

(i) Peterborough Tent and Event Rentals delivery or pick-up staff have to wait around for client or have to comeback at another time.

(j) If any items are extremely dirty beyond normal conditions, for example walls being taken down and get wet and/or muddy, chairs being left in the mud or sand, Tent location change or asked being moved from the original location from the site visit.

(K) Tent or walls are damaged in any way( for example something being hung and using tape or other sticky items to hang, AT NO TIME if a client or vendor hangs a sign are they to use a Box cutter (utility knife) to cut zip ties or tape….

Building permits. Liquor permits or any applications if required are the responsibility of the client to obtain and assume all costs involved.

Be sure all equipment is returned according to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The client is solely responsible for any additional charges incurred as a result of failure to meet these conditions. All collection fees, attorney fees, court costs, or any expense involving the collection of rental charges will be the client’s responsibility.

I have read and agree to the above TERMS AND CONDITIONS and acknowledge receipt of same.

COVID-19 Additional information and only applies to 2020 bookings

**(updated of our policies for 2020 weddings and events due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As our policy is that all deposits and payments are none refundable and cancellation within 90 days or less of the event would result in full payment, but due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have added * Any event/wedding rentals that have their date and rentals reserved with a deposit are allowed to move their date to later this year or to postponed to the following year 2021 (assuming the date is open or available) and your deposit or any other payments will be forward to the date of that event up to Dec 31st 2021. 

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